Dry Rot Removal Service in Greater Knoxville and Surrounding Areas

Dry rot occurs when a certain type of fungus slowly breaks down wood fibers. If the fungus infests a good portion of the material, the wood’s texture becomes dry and aged. Wood that is completely affected by dry rot loses its strength, causing it to break and collapse over time. If your property’s wooden structures are showing signs of dry rot, contact Trusted Waterproofing today. We have the expertise and equipment needed to get rid of the rot effectively and immediately.

Trusted Waterproofing Removes Dry Rot the Right Way

Removing dry rot is not a simple process. You need a keen eye for detail and a lot of experience to know exactly what type of dry rot you’re dealing with.

There are two types of dry rot that can attack the wooden structures of your property. The first one is white rot that targets hardwood like cherry and red oak. White rot has a spongy feel to it and a stringy appearance. It also gives off a white or yellowish discoloration. The second type of dry rot is brown rot or “brown cubical rot.” Brown rot causes the wood to turn dark and is often seen in softwood like cedar and larch.

Given the appearance of the two types of dry rot, it’s easy to confuse dry rot with termite or carpenter ant damage. If you don’t use the correct rot removal method, you might aggravate the rotting and cause further damage to the wooden structure.

If dry rot is a prevalent problem, it only means that your home is carrying excess moisture. When you need to address the dry rot problem in your Greater Knoxville and Surrounding Areas property, contact Trusted Waterproofing at 865-213-7565 today. Not only will we improve your property’s environment, but we’ll also improve your homes waterproofing and moisture control. With our basement waterproofing and sump pump services, you can guarantee that the occurrence of dry rot and mold growth will be reduced.

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